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We greatly encourage taking family yoga into your local studio, and continuing to practice together but with a live teacher. We still receive that yoga bliss, and you can then use your DVD to supplement your practice at home. Below is a list of yoga studios that we endorse, not only because they are great places to spend time, but because we consider them partners in spreading the family yoga love by selling our DVD. Let us know if you ever can't find our products at these locations, and we'll have some sent over as quick as you can say 'Namaste'! - Washington D.C. - New York City - Los Angeles - Kansas City

Below is a list of businesses that are owned by partners of Yoga To Have Fun, and ones that Ingrid encourages you to support. As you can see, they are spread across a wide variety of places and products, representing the many adventures and people that Ingrid has met in her journeys. What they all have in common is that they embrace the idea of taking yoga off the mat, meaning that their owners were able to tune into their true self and find a way to pursue their passion in their daily lives. - My good friend Tabby who runs an organic t-shirt company. She and I will be at the Global Mala event here in LA in Sept! - A wife of a fellow Tbird alum who runs the hippest Momma site I have ever seen. Her weekly emails are a highlight of my inbox! - A fellow female entrepreneur who has some great insight into life and the world around us from a holistic point of view. - Jessica is the wonderful woman whom I did my prenatal teacher training with at City Yoga here in LA. Her insights on the birthing process are wonderful. - My "to-die-for" web designer! Not only is his creative ability amazing, but his clarity, insight, and dedication are out of this world. - Corporate caterers who are friends of mine and Gerardo's - together we nourish the body and soul! - The Director of Yoga for Families owns this resort, and where we were able to film. Thank you, Gerardo and family!

And here is a list of the links to all my previous newsletters where I highlight some of the above retailers, in addition to my blog:

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