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Grandparents are truly special people, and the younger generations are so often searching for a way to connect with this part of their family. Grandparents have much to share, and grandkids have much to learn! By doing yoga together, it enables them to find the peace in each of themselves, and then be able to communicate on the best of all levels. In this DVD, we break down the yoga poses into fun, relaxing movements, which are the same ones we teach to the kids in Yoga for Families. After you learn the movements, you can do them with your kids!

At the same time, so many adults have come to me and said "I am not a 'Grandma', but I do have grandkids!" In this day and age, we are only as old as our mind, and this DVD helps to keep our bodies fit at the same time. We are encouraged to breathe, stretch, and relax, which not only keeps our physical part feeling good, it keeps our mind feeling great, which allows us to then connect with our families. How great is that?

Yoga Instructors to the Stars: Ingrid Von Burg
and Yves Vacheresse

Choice of voice track for Dynamic Sections:

Contemplative/Meditative or Instructional/Traditional

Shot in hi-definition in beautiful Santa Monica Mountains

Sections to choose from:

Namaste (Closing Poses)

Props Recommended: Just you!

Total Running Time: 55 mins
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