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  Saturday, April 25, 2009
Where Do We Set Our Intentions?
Sometimes we just need to say it out loud what we would really like to see happen in our lives and justifying it to someone can create all the energy we need to get something moving. As Wayne Dyer says it, "Our intention creates our reality."

After many years of denying myself the luxury, I finally decided to try out a Feng Shui consultant for my home in LA. Ariel came as a referral from a local yoga studio, was affordable, and amazingly was very down to earth in this sometimes-mystical field.

He laid out my apartment according to basic Feng Shui principles, where each section of my house was diagramed in a circle, like a clock, when you entered the front door. At 6 o'clock, sat my career corner, at 2 o'clock was my relationship corner, and at 9 o'clock was my friendship corner, etc. From this, together we decided how to highlight each piece of my life in that area if it wasn't succeeding as I would have liked already.

First, I noticed it was super interesting to hear myself tell a stranger about where my life is at the moment, what I think needs help, and what I am completely content with presently. I took a moment to be super grateful for my friends, which I thought was doing really well, for example.

He looked at my bedroom, my relationship corner, and frowned
. He said I need more pinks and reds, and twos of everything - pictures, lights, candles, etc. I had told him that I was actually perfectly content with my non-existent dating life at the time, focusing more on my business, and didn't want to be distracted with anything else. I knew how time consuming dating could be. He told me I could really have it all, and that one didn't have to distract from the other. I told him if I could find someone who complemented my business, then I would be open to that. With that, pink pictures got put up instead of green ones, and candles were symmetrical placed on the nightstands. Okay, fine.

We then moved to my workstation, and he told me to sit with my back against the wall, which symbolizes a place of power. Was 'The Godfather' into Feng Shiu as well? I was welcoming any help to grow 'Yoga To Have Fun', so I moved my desk so that I could now more easily sit between the desk and the wall. Cool and easy.

Through all this moving and adjusting in my apartment, I realized that with the placement of each rock, or hanging of each pink picture, I was setting an intention. I was consciously saying to myself, that I wanted my life to move in a certain direction. If someone special walked into my life who was in "the biz", that would be okay, but most importantly I wanted a more fluid income stream.

Soon after, I got invited to a few film festivals with some powerful players, making my influence with Yoga for Families jump up the ranks. Nice change of seating arrangements. I also got a check in the mail the very next day that I had been waiting for - nice!

What I learned the most from my time with Feng Shui, and then moving some things around, is that sometimes we need to say out loud what it is that we want with our lives. We can tell ourselves the story, but having to justify it to someone makes a big difference. This helps us set the intention, and with that, things may fall into place. The exercise alone was worth the fee, being able to prioritize my current wants and needs. Doing this as a family could also prove very useful to articulate what everyone wants at the moment, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

As I write this, my Mom is calling to check in how it's going with Mr. Producer. We've been dating a few months, and funnily enough, he works in film.

Posted by Ingrid on 04/25 at 11:26 PM
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