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  Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Sunday Morning with 21-month old Triplets!
This week I had a set of triplets over my apartment for a yoga session with their two nannies. From the minute they entered the yoga space, the chaos began. The 45-min session included more of the nannies and I doing yoga on the floor, while the triplets ran around the room at top speed. Because they are triplets, their development stage is slow, so they may be more at 18-months, plus one being partially autistic.

We had to close all the doors to the kitchen and bathroom, in order to contain them in the living room. Each child would often stop in to our circle for a quick butterfly, or a seated forward bend, before continuing their mad race of exploration. Although this is typical of babies this age, where they may just observe for the first few sessions, and eventually feel like partaking, I felt strange teaching baby yoga to an inattentive class. But, we continued on, and gave praise to the few poses we convinced them the try. At this point, the best praise I got was that the nannies said it was the most participation they had seen in any activity, and these kids do some sort of class every day of the week. Plus, they had never been to anyone else's home before, so this was something really new!

Like every class, I end the session with some breathing and some meditation. For kids, it is often known as Balloon Breath, where we act like balloons falling to the earth, and then I put on Willie Nelson's "Rainbow Connection". We pretend that we are sleeping yogis, as I move a colorful scarf over their eyes, trying to convince them to take the energy level down a notch.

What amazed me about this chaotic craziness was that when the kids left my apartment, they left with a much calmer and quieter attitude than when they arrived. They got into their strollers peacefully, sent me kisses to say goodbye, and no way resembled the speed racers they were just a short few minutes before.

It is with these thoughts that I realize that the yoga did work. It had its affect. Although it felt like we were just wasting our time, having the nannies and I do the baby yoga, it sounds like they got it after all. It made me realize that we find yoga everywhere and everyone receives it in a different way. Namaste!

Posted by Ingrid on 09/02 at 06:47 AM
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