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  Friday, January 28, 2011
Stop and Be Grateful
Life seems to be really busy for everyone these days, and even though I purposely tried to slow things down, it just hasn't happened. This winter I decided to take a little break from the office and work on some projects that were time-consuming enough to intrude on a forty-five hour a week job.

This week we are completing the German translation of my yoga DVDs, which will then air on the German version of the fitness channel, Body in Balance. They will also be available on as well as stores throughout Germany, according to the deal I signed last fall with a large German distributor. I hadn't the time or energy to create the new voice-over while I had a 100% job in the office, and so taking a break from Credit Suisse on January 1st gave me time to complete the voice record. Yahoo!

At the same time, I also have gotten involved in organizing a retreat with my dear friend and fellow Yogi from Los Angeles, Tom Morley. If you haven't checked out the website, you can see all the amazing details at: We are bringing a group to Arosa, Switzerland in March for a week of yoga, ski, and fun in the Swiss Alps. I am super excited!

As mentioned, I felt I couldn't complete these two tasks while being in the office forty-five hours a week. Thus, I thought my schedule would be lighter without having to report to Credit Suisse each day, and I would be almost carefree for a few weeks. Unfortunately this is not the case, since even though I am now spending most of my time in the mountains to become more familiar with the area for the retreat, I am still at my laptop 5-7 hours a day, working with my producers, distributors, and yoga clients. I wake up in the middle of the night to send emails and worry if we are going to make budget and schedule deadlines.

Because I am aware of this constant mind movement, I have made a point to stop and take a moment to be grateful. I feel so fortunate to have this time, and as I look out my window now with a view of the Swiss Alps, I realize that life is really good. I am so fortunate and I have a great life. I am going to see my family when I get to Calfornia, and in the meantime, I am skiing a few times a week and having a blast with my new friends here in the mountains.

If you haven't seen my recent posts of photos on Facebook, feel free to check them out. I am not an active photographer, but with the picturesque views here, I can't help but snap and upload away.

Thus, my blog this week hopes to communicate a message that even when we try and slow things down, it is often not possible, and this can get us very stressed. At the same time, we still need to look around and say, wow, life is really good right now. I believe many of you are also pursuing your passions, finding your true value, and taking an opportunity to laugh. Continue on, and although life is busy, know that you probably wouldn't change a thing. Be grateful for this fact, and know that you are also living a dream, hopefully and someway, no matter where you are.

Auf wiedersehen!

Posted by Ingrid on 01/28 at 11:00 PM
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