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  Friday, July 30, 2010
Yoga in the Office
As some of you may know, I have spent the last year re-entering the world where 99% of yogis, and non-yogis alike, live - life in an office. I have used this time to adapt what I learned as a yoga teacher to what most people do with their everyday lives. It is has been eye-opening and gratifying. For this reason, I wanted to share with you my top 5 tips for bringing yoga off the mat and onto your desk:

1. Bathroom Meditation: Especially when life is so busy, it is still really important to take a break. So, when I do, I try and make it quality. When I go to the bathroom, I force myself to stop my mind from running in a million directions. From the minute I step up from my desk, I try not to think of any work problems I am trying to solve or even for any plans after work. I force myself to quiet the mind. I can tell you that it works because, honestly, without fail, I always leave the restroom with a new, original idea. It is amazing and reminds me that when the mind rests, it allows us to come up with our best ideas.

2. Focus: I know from my performance reviews that my employer has hired me, and renews my contracts, particularly for my communication skills. So, when people ask how I do it, I just say "Focus". When I sit down to write an email, either to a VIP or a colleague with whom I need to work with, I ask myself these questions:
a. What do I really want to say here? Don't "waffle" as my British colleagues say, and get to the point. Don't include extra, unnecessary information, and especially if the reader has English as their second language. Keep the information as simple as possible.
b. How can I say it so that it is well received? Where is the reader coming from, what are their values, and how can I help serve their priorities?
c. Am I being kind? Don't come from a place where the ego lies, by taking any feelings of anger, disrespect, etc. out of the picture. This is a deal-breaker from the moment we click "To".

3. Make the Time for my Physical Practice: Life is busy, especially when you spend a majority of it at work, and behind a desk. There were times this year that I didn't make it to the yoga studio for some time, and not only did I feel my energy level dropping, but my outlook on life started to slip down a dirty, ugly path. It's not easy to sometimes make the time, but it is so important to keep up our physical activity. That amazing feeling after a good yoga class is something not even the large bank where I work can put a price tag on.

4. Namaste - May the Light in me, reflect the Light in You. Sometimes, we have differing opinions on how to approach a problem. When we have different values, I ask myself, can I see their side of things? Where is their light, and can I reflect it with mine? They must have a justifiable reason for their view, so what is it? Can we come up with a solution that works for both us, reflecting both our lights? Sometimes easier said than done, and sometimes means a break to the restroom, for an original idea.

5. Discipline: Sometime, I still have a hard time getting up in the morning to go to the gym, do my personal practice, or make it to the office early. Plus, I love the darn Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese sometimes just too much. But, I do try and I am always mindful with each bite that I enjoy. I feel always grateful for having this goodness everywhere around me, almost always within arm's reach. This summer, I am determined to make it to the gym as well a few times a week. If you have any recommendations for this type of discipline, let me know!

I look forward to sharing more Lessons Learned, and bringing them to you on your mat/desk.

Posted by Ingrid on 07/30 at 09:18 PM
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